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Take Your Self to a Journey

Welcome to Bali

    Self Portrait
    Self Image as a bridge between seer and seen.


    My 2020 Portrait collection is about Self Portrait and Self Revelation. Exploring the Self Image as a bridge between the seer and seen.

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    Kadi Tombak

    My name is Kadi.
    When the world which is what is seen has been removed, there will be realisation of the Self which is the seer. I take people to journeys to experience this seeing. The bridge between the seen and the seer, there standing as a sign post, pointIng to the direction of Self. Thats my job, thats my joy, thats where we meet and cerebrate. Ceremony is there. My own path has been vivid and great breath has continuously taken me deep inside into spiritual landscapes of a human soul, into realms of primordial cause . May we not forget. Behind the great veal, There love lives and breaths. Tat vam asi.

    We can just drink some tea, do yoga, rituals and meditate or go on a journey and travel to Bali together.

    Become the one You are looking for.

    What You seek is seeking You…

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    May there be Peace for all of us